Friday, October 08, 2004

~*where i'm at*~

angelicalistical1: dayumed Domsssss

angelicalistical1: i HATE men!

Van : well it is a i hate men day lol

angelicalistical1: nods nods nods

angelicalistical1: where was i?

Van : ummm

angelicalistical1: before being so rudely interupted by old friend in cali

Van : about the book

angelicalistical1: vanda

angelicalistical1: guy i was seeing.....

Van : yes

angelicalistical1: yesturday he ask what i was up to

Van : ok

angelicalistical1: i said i been shopping

Van : yes

angelicalistical1: he ask where i go

angelicalistical1: i say fave toystore

angelicalistical1: he ask why

Van : as in sex toy

angelicalistical1: i say causes i not uses his toys no more soz i go gets my own

Van : yes i follow

angelicalistical1: over and over he says he wishes i not had to go to get my own toys

Van : why

angelicalistical1: i thinks he regretting let me goes

angelicalistical1: but he nottt saying that

Van : ohh ok

Van : i see

Van : did he just call?

angelicalistical1: no, fricken arsewhole in cali did

Van : who is one in cali then

angelicalistical1: all the old Doms thinking they can gets a chance now

Van : ohhh ok i undastand

Van : brb my fone goin

angelicalistical1: "J"...i met him during a split Galahad and i had way way wayyyyyy backs before Galahad asked me to marries him

angelicalistical1: okies

angelicalistical1: *thinks they all promises the moon but never seen ONE who can delivers it


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