Thursday, October 07, 2004

~*Gone Shopping*~

how are you today?
okies i guess, i went shopping
where did you go?
my favorite toy store...
ohh, and what did you get there?
i figure since i'm not going to be playing with Your toys anymore i best be getting my own soz i gots some beads n thingies
i'm sorry you had to go shopping
don't be, at least nowzzzzz i know what i likes!

a bit later...

i'm really sorry you had to go out and buy your own toys
GOOOOOD!!! and maybe one of these days You'll come to Your senses!!!
come to my senses?

(er uhmmm...don't thinks i stuttered)

didn't get to hear His responses either...thanking gawdssssss for faulty cell towers n such causes i just bets i wouldda been told a things or two i wasn't wanting to hear...

but i miss Him...oodles n bunches


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