Wednesday, October 20, 2004

~*Dee would giggles*~

i've just gone on and done something i thought i'd never do...unfortunately i can't exactly go on to say what it is though, because i've forever said i'd never go "there" again... and i'm still not sure that i would...butssssss... i'm having *issues* with myself right now on it *s*

~*pointing fingers to Sir and saying it's hissss Dommed fault cause He planted another blessed seed!*~


work??? i hates it, i can't stand it, but's i'm in shock that "R" just informed me Bossman has given highest compliments to my work...unbelievables!!! (i'm thinking to wonder if Bossman is up to no good again...cause he never compliments annnnnyone anymore these days...such a schmuck...yeppperzzzzz...that's what him is!)

course it's good to know i've got a bit of job security after the past weeks rumor mill and all the changes in management and stuffs... surprize me that i'm in on the "keepers" list... but then again, i manage to get a days work done in 8 hours...and even outta bossmans top "5", there's only one other who can do that...Punchy poo...and she wont be having my job, causes she's said often enough she can't stands it!

trouble is...neither can i!!!

i thinks i'll be heading up to the college tommarow to try and gets all the paperwork milled through for January, first things first though, Punch and i are supppose to be off to the dentist friend of hers to fix this lil smile of mine...yeahhhhhh!!!

anyhowzzzzzz (again!)...

loads to do here so guess it's time to get packing!!!


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