Friday, October 22, 2004

~*Chances are*~

i'll more than likely spend today packing the house and taking a few hundred items down to the the Salvation Army... it's absolutely amazing this cummulation of jumk that the lilones and i have collected over the course of only two years...

other than that i suppose this lil mind will be held captive in thought of the words most recently written by Sir...

"I had said, or had meant, that if you needed the attention as a sub, and you had to play right now, that i could accept that alot easier than ..."

"But of course it's not up to me. I meant that if the opportunity came up..."

"But of course i think that should be only one on one. As far as the desires of..."

"yesssssss, you know what all that could bring up. And that is why i don't think..."

"And once you start, it would be hard to say stop. (And you know that.) So you don't need to get something like that started to complicate things even more. It's hard enough on a sub in general, but to knowingly add complications would be a recipe for disaster."

good gawdssss i miss Him....


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