Sunday, September 05, 2004

~*yeahhhhhh i found a halo!*~

cleaning house cause not wanting Master to sees my naughtier self ~*winks*~ and sure enoughs, i found one of those nifty lil halo's lurking abouts in the closet...

ran out of ciggies so hadddd to takes a break from cleaning...which had only been so much as too takes out a bag of trash (but isn't that enough???) and went for a bit of shopping instead... i've decided i just loves the veggie aisle in spite of the fact i can't stand veggies... thinkkkkkk on it

~*giggles n polishes up that tarnished old halo*~

anyhows...Master should be arriving home a bit later this afternoons and then the plans are that He will be heading this way for an afternoon/evening/morning...hmmmm...maybe even another afternoon/evening/morning???

i should be so lucky eh?
(and quite happilly so even)

can't helps it...
He's just toooo dayumed yummyfrickenlicious!

buts anyhowzzz... i've this lil thought running through my head in part due to Master's concern for playtimes when lilones are near (big oyyyyyyyyy becauses of the simple facts that i tend to 1. be a wriggly lil kitten, and 2. enjoyments cause exclamation points!) anyhowzzzzz... i've been thinking abouts all the possibilities...

one is simply to have my lil wrist tied to the bed post for the duration of the evening... so long as it's only one wrist, i could easily tuck my hand under the pillow in case there was any need for lilones to need enter the room for any reason (i'm drawing blanks but W/we always think of worst case senario's eh?)

oh welllls...O/one can see where my thoughts are today...i thinks i've lost the lil halo once again!!!


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