Saturday, September 04, 2004

~*What's the rush?*~

earlier today i posted about when/how and timing of saying lil was all in part because this morning Master was leaving for the day to be at a reunion out of state...easy as it was to beg Him to take care and to say i would miss Him, buts i wanted that i might say too that it wasn't just the fact i would miss Him but that i truly cared of His well being...that i truly cared for Him...and yessss, i supposes it's safe i can say i loves Him...after all it's not the same as saying I'm IN love with Him, buts so far so good in that i love everything i know of Him, and i love spending time with Him, and yadda yadda yadda...

fact is there's not enough time in a given day for me to tire of Him...sheeze...quite simply put, there just isn't enough time in a given day for ANYTHING!!!!

Excepts...i did have a few minutes to chatter with MJ today ~*beaming*~ gawdss i misses chattering with Him...especially when it's lil moments when He's trying every so "gracefully" to tell me how to handles a in point???

MJ: know the memory trick for learning names right?
angelicalistical1: banana nana fo fana
MJ: rolls eyes
MJ: lol
angelicalistical1: giggles
MJ: like this...make the name into a picture
MJ: and paste it on their head
angelicalistical1: *gigggles
MJ: sorta like...mike...I picture a microphone grownin outa their noggin
MJ: its funny..and you remember the name easier
angelicalistical1: nods nods nods

anyhowzzzzzz...also gots to chatter a bit with Ghostie today! i felt a bit odd abouts it at first, but things seemed to pan out and soon enough i was sharing lil details abouts Master and alls the reasons why (as Ghostie puts it) i'm sounding sooooooo much happier these days...

i thinks the calls might well be stopping now though, and not because Ghostie is upsets or anythings like that...He’s of the mind set that Master is for real and that i am in good hands and that's all that it takes to makes Ghostie a happy's just that Ghostie was truly worried He was taking my time away from Master's being able to call in or be online with me...

MMMMMMm...and Master did call...of course, Master also couldn't get through... so being the smart wonderful Master He is, He pops online and into Yahoo to see if His lil kitten was there...oyyyyy!!!...quick lil buh byes to "Dex" and "HP" and i was on the phones in a heartbeat!!!

This times it was Master with that sleepy lil voice...MMMMMmmmmmm...talks about sending a lil one to heaven! What was i thinking... imagining such things as waking up next to Him in the mornings to kiss away all that sleeps??? Oyyyyyyyy gawdsssss...mind was racing agains...that's whats i was thinking!

But's i'mm guilty...i had said i was busily packing up a lil bag of goodies for "my" vanity in Masters home and Master laughed a bit as He commented on my making my territorial "mark"...butssssss that's honnnnestly not what i was doing at all causes it was Master who told me that i should be bringing a few things over and that the vanity was where they would go...i was simply following orders after all...yepperzzzzz...that's all it was...honestttttttttttttt (did i mention i've lost my halo???)

Actually, Ii'm quite of the liking to having a few of my things there causes if truth were said i could picture myself quite contentedly in Masters home...

Okies okies...back to common senses...

Off i go to and sure as chit theres a lil post up entitled (no chits) "Why the Rush???" spark my curiousities why dontcha...haddd to peeks...had to responds too...of courses i'm not the best at responding to those kinds of things...especially when (as i had posted in my lil response...)i'm currently of the thought i could very well 'Dive' in to the relationship i am now in...

butsssssss, opposite views had indeed been shared and i was of a liking to all of them...mainly because i have been questioning my own feelings so muches these past few weeks...

It's good to know i'm not as crazy as i thought i was... it's good to know others "dive" too... only rule i came out with is the same rule i went in with...donttttttt dive in with both feet...testtttttt the waters first for gawds sake...and i can i dive now???? wasssssss just a thought!!!


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