Sunday, September 12, 2004

~*the trouble with online chat rooms*~

Welcome to Camp GottaChat!

*b* pages, "i'm sorry to disturb you, lilmoonie.... but i left my door unlocked without realizing it.... and i have a Dom here... i'm not supposed to be alone with any man.... but do not wish to offend him... please.... do you have time to come and be a third party in my room?"
lilmoonie pages, "on my way *smiles*"
lilmoonie arrives at *sanctuary*.
*b* pages, "thank you"
*Dom* says, "like lady's that know the limits...."
lilmoonie smiles softly at the door
*b* smiles..... welcome, lilmoonie.... i'm *b*
*Dom* asks, "leaving ??"
lilmoonie ask, "Warmest greetings *Dom*, hello babe...may i enter?"
*Dom* says, "ahhhhh"
*Dom* says, "mmmmmm"
*Dom* says, "lil moonie...*s*"
lilmoonie smiles warmly up at Him
*Dom* asks, "not jumping My lap ???"
*b* says, "please come in, lilmoonie..... welcome"
lilmoonie says, "nice to see You again Sir..."
lilmoonie scampers in to rest quietly on the furs
*Dom* says, "heyyy"
lilmoonie says, "thank you sis, has been forever since this girl was anywheres near Gor..."
babe says, "i appreciate you coming.... "
*Dom* says, "that"
*Dom* says, "s why I offerd My lap..."
lilmoonie peaks up at Sir and ponders the exclaimations
*Dom* asks, "still jalous...and mad at Me ??"
lilmoonie ask, "me Sir?"
*Dom* says, "do I have to moon get u to get it ``"
lilmoonie shakes her lil head, realizing she's walked into some sorts of situations and quietly rest in the backgrounds hushing her lil mouths
lilmoonie exclaim, "oyyyyyyyyyyy!"
*Dom* says, "nahhh u'r more than welcome lil..."
lilmoonie blushes bunches
*b* listens.... quiet...
lilmoonie ask, "Sir....has been awhiles since W/we talked yes?"
*Dom* says, "here is one that gives Me messages..."
*Dom* says, "ja"
lilmoonie shudders...moonie is not Gorean Sir...
lilmoonie peaks to her lil profiles and smiles
*Dom* says, "and last time...u paged Me...and left before I could even answer.."
lilmoonie ask, "beg pardon Sir...last time i paged was for a lil game of Othello was it not?"
*Dom* says, "lady's of to day....shuuu"
*b* listens quietly....
*Dom* says, "hemmm...u might be right there..."
*Dom* asks, "and u seriosly wanted a game ??"
lilmoonie says, "and Sir wished to visit O/others at the time for whom i could not be in association, that is why this girl scampered off Sir"
*b* smiles to lilmoonie, understanding that
*Dom* says, "as I said...lady's of to day...."
lilmoonie nods all i am allowed Sir *blushes* am truly sorry if You had thought it different
lilmoonie smiles softly to babe
*Dom* says, "_looks around"
*Dom* says, "well...thought we would get married....but....."
lilmoonie knows Sir must be somewhat confused...because of a recent time in HP's
lilmoonie says, "Sir i was only recently collared RT"
*Dom* says, "I know...."
lilmoonie smilesssss thank You Sir
*Dom* says, "but even better reason to tease u...."
You exclaim, "oyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
*Dom* says, "to show what u have missed.... and *b* to get...."
*Dom* *s*
*b* says, "congratulations, lilmoonie, on your collaring.... smiles"
lilmoonie thinks Sir is verrrrrrrrrrry naughty
*Dom* looks around
lilmoonie says, "ohhhhh thank you *b* *beams brightly*"
*b* pages, "am so indebted to you... thank you for coming.... now how can i gracefully get him out of here?"
*Dom* asks, "all quite now ?"
lilmoonie pages, "it will be a moment...but i might be able to"
lilmoonie was peaking over to her sleeping Master pondering awakening Him to visit
*b* pages, "please do not compromise yourself ... but i would appreciate it, lilmoonie"
*Dom* says, "well...not u'r not regarding Me..."
lilmoonie pages, "is no compromise sis, Master might beinterested in *Dom* if issue arises"
*Dom* says, "I better stop...."
lilmoonie wonders how long *b* has been on Gor?
*b* waits quietly.... then looks to lilmoonie...... for some time.... do you know of Gor?
lilmoonie remembers all to well her own captivity there...a verrrrrrry long time ago
*b* pages, "am sorry.... but i need to rush off.... r/t is awakening.... i'm so sorry... and thank you so much for coming to my aid"
lilmoonie says, "about 4 years ago sis...was fg to Tarns Keep in irc"
*b* says, "that's great, lilmoonie.... "
*Dom* sits back
lilmoonie pages, "please feel free to visit me anytime sis...."
*b* asks, "Sir, i'm sorry, but i need to rush off to a r/t that is awakening..... may i go, please?"
*Dom* says, "u'r allowed lady..."
lilmoonie smiles to *b*
*b* says, "thank you, Sir... and i wish you well"
lilmoonie wishes *b* a most wonderfulistical morning
*b* says, "goodbye for now, lilmoonie... and i wish you well, too.... smiles"
lilmoonie smilessss
*b* has disconnected.
*Dom* asks, "hemmm...u and Me here ???"
lilmoonie needs to be returning to her room as a profile needs seriously updated
*Dom* says, "then I can say...... okey....whatever..... who cares..."
*Dom* says, "u don't need to do anything....."
*Dom* says, "u choose to do it..."
lilmoonie says, "yes Sir, You could join me if You would like's just that i am not free to play"
*Dom* says, "u are free at all times....u choose to not be...."
lilmoonie knows she should not be in anothers room if they are not present is all
lilmoonie smiles and wishes You most well before scampering to her own lil room
lilmoonie clicks her heels three times.
*Dom* look's for a trell...
lilmoonie smiles softly up at Him
*Dom* asks, "and u leave Me for none ???"
lilmoonie ask, "for none Sir?"
*Dom* asks, "u had to leave....for what ??"
lilmoonie says, "i should not be in *b*'s room with *b* not there Sir"
*Dom* says, "strict here now..."
lilmoonie says, "is not MH rule Sir"
lilmoonie was brought to believe it mearly as curtesy
*Dom* says, "shakes head..."
lilmoonie peaks curiously up at Him
*Dom* asks, "not a good thing that I'm in here wither then ?"
*Dom* says, "either"
lilmoonie says, "i do not know the relation between Y/you two"
*Dom* says, "I said HERE..."
lilmoonie ask, "if she is to be Yours, then one would think it okies, but if she is not to be Yours i would think perhaps it made her to feel uncomfortable perhaps?"
lilmoonie says, "oooohhhhhhhhhhh"
lilmoonie smiles
*Dom* asks, "who are u talking about ???"
lilmoonie says, "Master would not have issue so long as His girl was behaving herself
lilmoonie o 0 ( had meant *b*...thought You had meant being in her room )
*Dom* says, " Mine at christmas then ```"
lilmoonie ask, "Sir?"
lilmoonie is soooooo confuzzled
*Dom* says, "that was not for u..."
*Dom* says, "or...."
*Dom* asks, "u are ??"
lilmoonie ask, "i am what Sir?"
*Dom* asks, "confused ??"
lilmoonie says, "yes Sir very"
*Dom* says, "confuzzeled..."
lilmoonie has not had her morning coffees
*Dom* asks, "does that have any influent at Me ??"
lilmoonie says, "i just meant that i was conduzed by the conversation Sir"
lilmoonie says, "acksss...confuzed even"
*Dom* says, "then W/we are two..."
*Dom* asks, "maybe I should close My eyes...and put the keyboard under the bed ??"
lilmoonie giggles
lilmoonie says, "no need Sir"
lilmoonie grumbles at her silly profiles
*Dom* says, "if I take it to bed....u'll get alot of wierd messages...."
lilmoonie gigggles
*Dom* says, " will be My body talking..."
*Dom* asks, "lost u know ??"
lilmoonie always thought sleep meant subconsious
*Dom* says, "wake up...tied..ja..."
*Dom* says, "3 min potty hour..."
lilmoonie ask, "an hour?"
*Dom* says, "feel lucky..."
*Dom* says, "guess u'r busy...."
lilmoonie says, "just confused Sir"
lilmoonie says, "'what You meant by an hour and feel lucky"
*Dom* asks, "about what ??"
lilmoonie peaks up
*Dom* says, "I would tie u up......and kiss the breasts....and watch a football game......"
lilmoonie says, "Sir i think You should leave"
lilmoonie says, "Master would not be best pleased"
*Dom* says, "I'll behave..."
lilmoonie says, "i need to go anyhow..."
lilmoonie wishes You most well
*Dom* says, "sorry ...if I offended u lady...."
lilmoonie nods softly
lilmoonie says, "have a wonderfulistical day Sir i must go"


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