Friday, September 17, 2004

~*Thoughts on Tomarrow*~

i thinks when i get off work in the morning i might just have to scamper off to the store for a few things to tide the lilones over while mommie spends the day curled under the covers listening to the pitter patter of raindrops and purrrumbling causes Master is least, thats my hopes anyhowz...

it's been miserable this week not being able to see Master so much and knowing that our weekend was foiled for my having to work both nights as well...i put in a notice for one day off next weekend but that isn't much consolation for thissss weekend now is it??? sozzzzz... Master stated He would comes over here after work in the morning and we could rest up togethers...yeahhhhhh!!!!

now the hard parts...Master probably wont even get here before 11am and by 9am this morning i was so tierd i could no longer hold my lil eyes open...sozzzzz, i'm thinking i'm going to need to keeps pretty pre-occupied for a few hours in the morning before Master comes...

shopping helps... and with my luck the lilones will have destroyed the house for me a bit this evening to the point that i have at leasttttt an hour of cleaning up to do (can always count on lilones for such fun and frolick afterall) but thennnnnn it's gonna get tricky...

i knows i'm gonna wants to take my bath...and it's going to be right about then that i fall fast asleeps in the tub. ~*sighsssss*~


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