Monday, September 06, 2004


Lar used to always say the real question of any given relationship should be "am i right for them?"

i'm flying a lil bit lower today as i ponder this question... Sir is wonderful, and when it's just Him and i W/we click, purrrrfectly... but then there is always the real world...there's always going to be lilones underfoot, there's always going to be work and family and other issues to set apart "Sir and i"

if i was the same person under all instance, then perhaps i could answer truthfully that i ammmmm right for Sir...but i'm not always that same person...and i suppose i just don't like who i am when under those types of circumstances...

i feel tonight as if i'm living under some sort of false pretense, that what you see isn't exactly a case of what you get...and i don't mean that about Sir, but about me...


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