Tuesday, September 14, 2004

~*Remind me to send Dr. B a greatttttt big Chrissie Cards*~

hospitals are no fun...so why on earth i needed to spend two days outta the past week in the emergency room is simply beyond me...i tried not to go there...i called my doctor though and no luck getting in ~*sighs*~

but for the bright side...as packed as the hospital was, i managed to get in right away...and the attending physician knew a lil something about injecting "nummy stuffs" in the areas most painful to this poor wittle bawl baby...thankssssss gawds!!!

it took about 3 injections before i could actually begin to speak again...and i should mention that there was a 4th injection as well, but it was more for the over all pain i thinks, and too the nurse said it would help to keep the other meds going a bit longer...yeah for me, but after all 4 i was feeling a lil bits dizzy...

guess thats part of why i never truly noticed when they had to poke me two more times for blood work...as i stated earlier, i had been eating the tylenols up...and the levels in my system had hit toxic sooooo it was time to run test on my lil livers and see how things were...


i have NEVER hurt so dayumed muches in my life from something as simple as having a few teeth pulled!!!

sozzzz...on a new antibiotic today, and some new pain med i've never tried....Tramadol??? Dr. B was reallly worried about the aspect of seizures...i'm more worried about the link to codiene the pharmasist warned me of....i may not like it, but i also may not take it! Dr. B said he would call in another pain relief that was non narcotic...i'll take my chances and huggles the stuffings outta him if the Anaprox does the trick...

meantime...'m up for 30 minutes more per doctors orders and then i'm off to lalaland for the evening...orrrr maybe the next 24 hours...

nighters world

~*Where's Elmer when you need him?*~

oooohhhhhh, my mouth is killing me!!! i ran outta meds yesturday morning and have been trying to hang in there with tylenols buttttttt i know i've taken way tooo many in the past 24 hours (try about 24!) and this just can't be good.

As soon as the office opens i think i'm going to head into the doctors...forget the dentist...(that's why i wish i could find Elmer...i'd tell Him the dentist was His rascally wabbit in disguises!)

and i don't want to sound like a big bawl baby, buts i guess i am...

i barely functioned yesturday...sure i tried to pull a few weeds, sure i tried to post new graphics to my blog, amd yepperz, i made it in to work for all that wonderfulistical paperwork i needed to get done in order to get back on the payroll...but i also slept through the majority of the day...and it wasn't solid sleep...

it was waking up every 2-3 hours grabbing another tylenol just as fast as my lil hands could find them


i'm just soooooooooooo not into pain!!!


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