Wednesday, September 15, 2004

~*off with Master*~

Master called first thing this morning, making the entire day soooooo much brighter! i can't explain it, but yesturday just kinda ripped me up that we hadn't been able to talk even for a brief moment...

the strangest part of the day for me...yesturday i mean...was during the third shot that Dr. B had to inject in the mouth... it was excrutiatingly painful and i had to hold onto the side rails of the bed and brace myself as best i could for wasn't like being in the dentist chair where you get a swab of nummy stuffs before the realllll nummy stuffs actually comes...

anyhowzzzz... Dr. B was injecting this shot and at first the meds reallllly burn... i was holding the rails tight and trying my best to remember only to breath through my nose a bits as i kept repeating "oh gawds" "oh gawds" "oh gawds"...about the fourth "oh gawds" into the injection something overcame me...i knowsssss Master was nowhere near, but that didn't stop His voice from echoing into the room and telling me to calm down...His voice is always so soft and welcoming...and i don't remember another "oh gawds" though i know it had still been quite sometime before Dr. B had finished the injection... i was in some other space...somewhere with Master...

i can't explain it, and i'm not going to try...i just know it was wonderful


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