Thursday, September 09, 2004

~*hurts to thinkkkks about it*~

okies...i knowwwwws i have to goes to the dentist today, and i knowwwwwwwws Master says it's for my own good...but that doesn't means i have to likes it!!!

i tossed n turned all night last nights, so i guesses it's probably a good thing Master had to work... my guess is that if Master had been here, the ropes would have been out and i would have managed to be still in spite of all that nervousness that was keeping my lil mind in a race for a finish line... (i say thats...but truth is i thinks Master might be just a bit nervousy too...after alls...this is HIS body that dentist is messin withs)

it'll probably be a few days before i'm fully functioning online agains so this may be my last lil post ups till Saturday...~*pouts*~

but i thinnnnnnnks i'll be okies...


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