Wednesday, September 08, 2004

~*dreading tomarrowz*~

cause Sir says i havvvvvvves to go and i'm realllly reallllly not looking forward to it even though i knowssss it's in my bestest interest...bu bu butttttttts....

i wasn't suppose to haves to go to the dentist till the 21rst!!!!

and i HATES dentist...honest i do!

okies then... brighter subjects...the interview went realllly well! i haven't got the job of course, butttttssss...the reason i wasn't given a job is causes i wasn't applying for a job in which the employer was actually seeking to fill...i knew this going in...i also knew i had enough experience in the field that my resume would be looked over with a fine tooth comb before they decided NOT to hire me...

sure enough, the employer wants a few days to get back to me...


i'll sends a thank you notes with a hint to tossing my resume to other companies seeking my services...usually works...we'll see!

~*pouts remembering...*~

as i said to Sir...job hunting is not going to be very fun for a toothless lilone!


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