Friday, September 10, 2004

~*Counting Down The Hours*~

Sir is planning to come straight to the house after work tomarrow and i can hardly waits...i knowsss i'm still way to sore from my lil trip to the dentist, and too, the meds have literally ripped my tummy up in all different directions, buts i'm hopeful tomarrow will be a bit easier and uhmmm...maybe Sir will displace a lil of the pains for me ~*giggles n winks*~

truth is, i suspect Sir is going to wants to sleep most of the day away...i lovesssss that sleepy lil voice of His, and today He simply seemed to never quite *wakes up* (i thinks this is part of why that lil Liverpool song is in my thoughts this evening..."the mind it was willing, but the flesh it was weak...")

mmmmmmm...and Sir has definiately weakened this lil kitten...


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