Thursday, September 02, 2004

~*busssssssy lil bee*~

if i thoughts yesturday was keeing me on my toes, today has been, and is going to be, all that and then some! woke up late to start with, butttts haddddddddddd to call Sir...and can't explain the wonderful way i felt when He stated for fact exactly how i felt...Him being first thoughts of my day...MMMMMmmmmmmm...great way to start a day!

still keeping those lil eyeballs, fingers n toesies crossed W/we get to spend time together this evening...He won't know till last minute due to the types of work He does...but's i'll bets He certainly wont likes it much if they say He has to come in!!!

and i knows just what Sir means about hating His hours right now because i'm missing Him something crazy nutterz too...and no need warning me of taking small slowwwww baby steps...too late for all that! i'm on the brink of diving in and loving how the waters (as they may be) will rush over least i know the water is refreshing!


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