Tuesday, August 17, 2004

~*They Lied!*~

whoever it was that said you can never go back...

nope, not planning on reinventing history here, but it's amazing the discoveries that have taken place this week. Ghostie is of the impression i am going to be asked a visit by someone from my past soon enough...highly doubtful, but interesting theory anyhow.

be even nicer if it was Ghostie eh?

today i find myself shocked with "Mr. Virginia" and a very recent telephone call that led to his joining in at Bcom, where, upon reading his new profile, i found myself a bit dumbfounded and shocked...(i know i've put up the dayumed walls since the beginning...wishing now i hadn't)

...so i call Lar, thinking if anyone can sort through the muck surely it's my sensible down to earth former from years gone by eh???

uhmmmmmm...He ask me to come home!!!

what the H-E-Double hockey sticks is going on with this picture????


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