Monday, August 30, 2004

~*Sharing a bit of news*~

"nods nods nods...Sir i've some wonderful news...if You care to hear"

"fire away"

"i thinksssss i've truly met my One Sir...rights here in TN!!!!!"

"That is great news, but I do hope it is someone you have known for a while"

"W/we are getting to know each other slowwwwwwwwly Sir, buts i'm of positive thoughts"

"Is he of your lifestyle, and if so you should concentrate on Him and not be in
here !!! lol"

"giggles...yes Sir he is!!! ands He says it's okies to be here so long as i a good lil kitten and nots prowling abouts....giggles n thinks He's gots as much green gremlins in Him as i haves in me"

"Good luck moonie"

"thank You very muches's been too long away soz i may well need it"


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