Wednesday, August 25, 2004

~*Perhaps it's a good thing*~

doesn't look as if i'm going to be home when that call comes in from Ghostie...timing just isn't right anyhowz soz i'm thinking perhaps this is actually a good thing...

scooby was suppose to have gone to the dentist Tuesday, but couldn't make the appointment because smudge ended up going off to the hospital with her eyes nice and rosy and welps...Y/you can eye in the extreme! Needless to say, scooby can't wait till next Tuesdays appointment, she spent the evening in agony, sozzz i put a call into the dentist to see about getting her in right away....and what time will that be? 2:30 this when Ghostie calls the house will be empty, scooby will be having a sore tooth removed, and i will be squirming with the knowledge that i'm next in line for some pulling as well... it will be Saturday before Ghostie calls again, unless Friday prooves too much for him and he takes the day from work...but even at that...Friday may be the only day this week i actually show up for work, soz he still couldn't reach me...

all in all, this has been one messsed up lil week!


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