Friday, August 20, 2004

~*Just Another Day*~

Mr. Virginia has opted to give me a lil reading material..."The Loving Dominant" by John Warren, Ph.D. While looking through the library in search of the first book i would be most interested in reading Mr. Virginia brought out several white envelopes, i was to sort through them, circle anything in them i found of the slightest interest, and return them to Sir....

i was to order our meals, we had dinner, watched some of the Olympics, and then i was led to the office for a viewing of a few short clippits of some scenes Mr. Virginia fancied interest in. It was during this time that i mentioned i knew the Mistress for whom the letters had been recieved.

Explanations were in order, and so it was that i explained the auction for which Lar and i had attended, as well as the meet at the Lair. This seemed to amuse Mr. Virginia and talk seemed to revert back throughout the night of my knowing this Mistress, though admitting to have never been in a scene with her.

What did i think of her form of play? etc etc etc...

dinner was over and there was another appointment to be met, Mr. Virginia had been drinking so it was necessary that i drive him downtown in my lil putt putt... he has a beer in hand as he enters the car.

"if i get a ticket for that Sir, yourrrr paying for it!"

(silly, considering his status eh?)

sure enough i stop at the designated area and Mr. Virginia exits the car with beer in hand. Caddy corner to us, a police officer on duty, now prepared to follow my car!!!

hmmmm...nopes, the nice lil policeman has decided to leave me be...i smile and drive on.

Somewhere between Mr. Virginia's house and the destination point where i was to leave him was two individual discussions which have me to thinking a bit further of our arrangements... the first being my own where as i begged Sir to please enlighten me to more and he informed me that he intends to fully, in fact he is opting now for the act of eyes lit up!

the second...and in this we would also have to be mindful of the fact that part of our dinner conversation had been things surrounding our occupational history... was an issue of business opportunities...and a thought of opening a fetish club here in this area...

i did have to giggle...he said all female employees would have to wear exactly the outfit for which i had chosen to wear this evening... poor girls!!! those heels are a killer!!!

(no joking...Mr. Virginia was guiding my every step up and down the stairs...i felt as though i was walking in mommies shoes for the very first time ever!)

anyhowzzzzzz... time for some serious reading!


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