Thursday, August 19, 2004

~*it fits!*~

ooohhhhhh joy of joys!!!

almost two years have passed since i bought that cute lil leather skirt 3 sizes too small... it was my incentive plan for going back to pre-lilones days... and finnnnally, it fits!

amazed and in awe is hardly the words to discribe how i am feeling...i've been donating blood, and every time i go in, i am placed on the scales to determine how much i can donate...everytime i go in, it seems i have always gained 1 pound here, or 1 pound there...realllllly driving me up a wall types of arghhhhhhh!!!

i suppose it was because of that...i did a lil extra this past month or so, i was tired of always seeing those bloody scales inching i added a bit of exercise, (highly reccommending a good flogging), and a switch over from pepsi to diet coke...still a sweet tooth though, can't give up the crunchies just yettttttt!

nonetheless, i may have torn my favorite suede slacks at the last offing to the club with S&J, but the switch off is simply yummmmmmmmyfrickenlicious!


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