Sunday, August 15, 2004

~*interesting twist*~

i know i may be dancing with the devil here, but in recent weeks Galahad and i have been texting more often... i think the rule is notttttttt to veer towards keeping in touch with former Dominants, but as i once said to Galahad, somehow i have always known that "seperate worlds" would never truly keep us apart.

that being said, i thinkkkkkk (hope hope hope) we are finally back to the beginning of the road, and in saying as much, i don't mean to say that there is a chance for a rekindling. Trust was a hugggggggge issue, and as Ghostie would say, once bitten, twice shy.

Ghostie is working towards getting back online again soon...perhaps maybe as early as this week!!! he thinks, and i happen to be in full agreement, that being able to talk everyday online will help to bridge the gap between us....and no doubt that a huge gap is forming...if you read the playground story you might understand better to know Will and Ghostie are one and the same. (by the way, all the names in the story are of a ficticious nature...Will is Will for a reason...His will, my desire...)


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