Tuesday, August 17, 2004

~*i hate it when horrorscopes hit dead center!!!*~

You may be busier than you'd prefer, but there's also an excitement to the variety of experiences that are being offered to you now. The good news is that you are inclined to take the opportunities that come your way. The bad news is that you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed with too many distractions. Try to be open to what is happening, but make sure to return to what you need the most."

no doubt i shall do...

other thoughts for the day??? welps i think the letter to "K" could best describe it all..."i'm afraid i'm not to be much for writing today, the lil one is ill and home from school...so much for claiming hum, drum and boring! she seems to think she took a bit of food poisoning at school, said her meat was icy cold and she had a headache shortly thereafter...suffice to say she is home with a fever and aching all over, so i'm thinking it's more of a bug, the typical thing to catch when you return to a classroom filled with dirty, infectious type children whiping their runny noses with bare hands and then opening shared books and etc...what a hideously discusting thought isn't it? and here i sit, i've never much liked the role playing of a nurse...ahhh but to see her misery eased..."


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