Wednesday, August 18, 2004

~*Dommed Horrorscope anyhows!*~

indeed, i've been offered an opportunity to experience something new and exciteratingly different, indeed i am inclined to take up such an offer! ~*cough*~ honestly??? i giggled, looked up to the one making the proposal, and said "well, your the attorney, write up a dayumed contract already!"

He chuckled...

i just have to do something, aside from playing dumbfounded, about the fact that Mr. Virginia no longer wishes to be called Mr. Virginia! (notttttt entirely true...he still wishes to be called such, as well as something else...i thinkkks he meant the "M" word...) how comfy am i with that thought??? i wish i could say i was!!!

it's a mental block and thats all that it is...just the word "M" has left a distaste within me... which is one reason Ghostie was never considered "M"...

and Ghostie!!!

ooooooohhhhhhhh my head is spinning!!!!


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