Saturday, August 28, 2004

~*definiately spooooky*~

okiesssss then...truly trying to take baby steps here, but's i think i'm in troubles!!! The spooky thing Horroscopers keeps pegging me out!!!

Last night Sir called...and if i thoughtttttt i was drawing close to Him before, i thinks now it's fairly safe to say He has my full attentions... in a scawrey yet very wonderfulistical ways!

Hoping Sir will forgive me that i'm actually sorta glad today will be keeping my thoughts at bay a lil...i can't believes this sudden immergence of feelings and thoughts inside of me as of late... and this longing to know more... *breathessssss*

at least today is family off to the fair goes i...buts i'm taking Sir's number with me justttt in cases i can't find it in me to resist making that call...


this is simply too wonderfulistical!!!


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