Saturday, July 24, 2004

~*NOT Daddy!*~

last week was a bit welll...interesting!!! Galahad wrote a sweet lil "post it" types note for which i simply haddddddddddd to respond... after all, this was the third time he wrote explaining lil things for which i "should or should not" be doing, and welllllll, i'm becoming a wee bit testy with it all.

i wrote back, expressing my "undying" love for him who was my former, refusing to acknowledge his strange need to dwell into my relationship with Ghostie which is none of his dayumed business...i did mention Ghostie of course, but i refused to give way to "where things are with us" as Galahad seemed to be wishing to know....none of his dayumed business!!!

later i told Ghostie about it all, and much to my surprize Ghostie seemed pleased with my lil bit of naughtiness.

unfortunately that is where the story went a bit sour because it was during that lil telephone call that Ghostie informed me he was not expecting to arrive back in the States until sometime nearing Christmas, and welps, as much as i hate to say it, Christmas may just be too dayumed far off for me to handle.

Ghostie said that he seamed to remember me stating as much when March had come and gone, but "you've made it so far!"

i had to remind him of exactly how it was that i didn't make it!!!

i can only pray he doessssssssss go down to the embassy on Monday, but i know that wont happen because he'd be lucky just to set an appointment with them and that could be weeks away... needless to say, this all should have been done weeks agooooooooo, and i feel like a puppy chasing her it everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gonna change???


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