Wednesday, June 16, 2004

~*er uhmmm..anyone home???*~

worse than having a computer and not being able to get online, is being able to get online but not able to get where you need to be...hmm...yeah, thats right...

i miss being able to talk with everyone through yahoo...and, something sad has happened to a dear friend....skinny...who i admittedly had loathed so long ago (we used to laugh later about it all)...and for whom i had planned to finally meet when visiting with Ghostie on our return trip to the UK (he didn't make it here, so it kinda thwarted all the plans)...anyhow...skinny...passed away...

too much shock for the system these days...she was incredibly young...and now incredibly missed as well.

here at home things are pretty bad too...smudge is doing horrid these days and faces yet another hospitalization, not too long ago we had both the police and the crisis control units to our doorsteps, and now even her therapist and dr's are wondering if she will make it through the month...on the bright side her case manager is working on a bit of respite care that i think might actually be benificial...we shall see...

did the whole "vanilla thing"...which is dayumed hard considering... i've even met more than a few wonderful neighboring Doms in the area too... but none are for me, none can ever be Him, and truth being said, i think i've somewhat lost "me" at any rate.

interesting thing this is...because when i re-read what i write i think of Galahad...and refer to Ghostie... gawdsssss thats scawry!!!

truth is...i miss them both


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