Monday, June 21, 2004

~*doing a happy dance*~

still sitting on a lousy comp in a library, buttttttttt... talked with Ghostie for over 2 hours Saturday, and cant help but smile ever so brightly knowing it wont be long til he returns and this time he may even get to stay for 6 months and not just 3...(just a lil something more to keep me in puddles)

meantime, been reading ALOT of anal-ly-tical mumble jumble, and trying to make sense of it all (words will be a longggggggggggggg time coming before i grasp what the actual phrases mean)...

other than that??? joined a lil munchies in the area...probably not going to be much... short of online activities i wonder if i would even make it to a munch...still a bit squeamish...

and besides, i learned a knew way to earn spank points...which i'm not about discussing here!!!


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