Monday, October 13, 2003


last night i finalllly spoke with my "J" confusing it was "J" this time...i went to yahoo!

was great to finally be catching up with "J" to talks my fool head off about Ghosties visit Tomarrow and all the nervousness and exciterations and about the plans maybe to go to Cali next month looking into houses, anddd i told him about the other "j" and how i had made comment to dinner and then scampered off blushing when i realized it wasn't him..."J" asked if i had even remembered of clothing preferences for said dinner (it has been well over a year....)

unfortunately, all i could remember was something to the effect of listing the clothing options i had available as he would then decide what would be most appropriate...that was then, this is now...and now he was a bit more specific soooo i think i best be writing it all down just in case one day i happen to be back in Cali again and that dinner does happen:

black skirt, above the knee (i'm thinking well tailored leather here....)
soft, flowing (add low cut) blouse
stockings... and a 3 in heel!!!

~*smilessssss...oh how i remember the days so well*~

i'm thankful Ghostie prefers a nice fitting pair of jeans!!!

the other day i was talking to "C" about halloween coming up ,and the fact that we may be wearing costumes at work... *pls* had said "TCC" would love to see me in a lil school girl uniform, and i can't help but remember how cute "pls* had looked in that lil jumper types she had on one night at a party...

i've looked all over the net and stillll can't find the lil jumpers like that one


i have a lil box pleated check in mind, with lil straps that go up over the shoulders and cross in the back...except all that i have found are cute lil bib type uniforms sooooo i'm writing a letter to santa and seeing if perhaps the elfs can make something up just for lil ole me

(meaning i wont have one by halloween but ehhh there's always next year rightttttt????)

there was a hugeeee sale on stockings at the shop the other day soz i stocked up like crazy...on white and black much for the natural colors this go round...but at 75 cent a pair when they normally run $5.00 i wasn't going to complains too muches

i should have bought a few pair of the knee socks too but i spoiled myself on a few other essentials instead...

dommmmmmmits "J"... now that i'm thinking abouts my wardrobe so much, i want that lil skirt!!!


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