Wednesday, October 22, 2003


so many wonderful things have been happening this past week and i really cant sit down to write about all of the wonderful thoughts and feelings that fill this lil mind on a daily basis... all i know is that i am loving spending time with Ghostie, and i wish that it could last forever...

we plan to take it slow and easy today...Ghostie rented out 5 movies from the video store across the street last night and we made a promise to each other to try and spend the day inside with no running about... welps...we're hopeful anyhows!

last night was the first restless sleep i've had all week, in part because it was a bit chilly even under layers upon layers of blankies (thanks to my beloved lilone turning the air conditioner on high in the middle of the night...yeahhhhhhhh...just gotta love it eh?)


Ghostie had asked if i was stressing as i tended to be tossing n turning about with dreams of work and the likes, but truth is, i have'nt been giving work hardly a second thought all week long...if anything, i'd say i'm more stressed about having to say our goodbyes next week... i thinks i'm going to be lost...but thats then and i'll worry abouts it then too...

we havent got to do loads of the things we had set to do during his visit...time just seems to be flying by so fast and there's soooo much to do...but tomarrow after the lilones return from school we plan to take off again...this time in several mini trips to Knoxville for visits to Dollywood and the Zoo and the Elvis Presley Museum and stuffs...did i mention i likeeeeeeee Elvis now???

~*scares me*~


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