Tuesday, October 07, 2003

~*okies so nowwwwww i can smile again*~

for one thing Ghostie gots all the tickie stuff taken care of and will be here Tuesday night....he made mention he might be pretty exhausted by the time he arrives...he had to leave out at 4:30 in the morning his time, but still not make it here to Tennessee until 7:30 in the evening...which would be 12:30 in the morning the next day in the UK...oyyyyyyy what a trip! i wasn't even traveling that long when i went to the Uk last February and i had a 6 hour layover! buts Ghostie saids something about having to goes through London, soz i'm imagining most of his travel time is caught up in roadside traffic or something

~*is hoping he takes a few piccies for me seeing as i was only in London all of 30 minutes while i was there ands my intire stay was inside of Heathrow at that*~

anyhows i gots to talks to someone very very verrrrrrrrrry special today and its been a longgggggggggggggg time since we talked for evers and evers like we did today tooo... buts hopefully now that i got "Q" running again i'll gets to see my sissie more often...

i'm just reallllly thankful she was there today to help me "sort it" all outs...funny how that is too...i can talks with everybody else and still be just as confuzzled about things after we talk as i was before the conversations ever started...if not even more so than i was...but sissie knows me inside out and usually, if i gots something eatin me up inside, sissies the one that can calm the lil heebie jeebies down to size

thats cause once upon a time she was the one wearing the "worry wart" crown

truth is, after our lil talk i was feeling loads better, and i reallllly liked what she had to say too cause truth is... i think same way, buts it was nice to here it from someone elses perspective

and that's alls i'm gonna says about that!


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