Sunday, October 26, 2003

~*not suppose to gets sickly*~

not sure what happened yesturday afternoon but i ended up falling off to sleep rather early...and rather sickly at that ~*ughhhh*~

Ghostie, scoob and i had taken off for a day at the market, annnnd i finally gots a new monitor for this blessed comp...which means i'll be changing the look of this blog again soon (now that i can actually *seeeee* what colors are truly on the screen)...

anyhows...after a look through the market (and a decision to return again today as Ghostie has decided he wishes to pick up a few things for back home) we decided to head off to momma and dad's for a lil visit before returning home...

i love going to dad's especiallllly when he's got loads of goodies for a copy of the disc of piccies Ghostie took during the trip to Memphis! (we now have over 150 piccies on line and fixin to be posted up evennnnnntually)

we took off a bit later to pick up a few pizza's and a copy of the Matrix Reloaded in hopes of enjoying a quiet evening at home, but almost as soon as the leftover's had been put away i was scampering off to the lil girls room feeling more than just a bit out of sorts ~*sighsssss*~

i returned to rest on the floor at Ghosties feet for a few moments before we ended up playing a lil game of crib (he stilllll can't beat me and i'm loving it!) but after crib he had wished me to sit upon the sofa and as soon as i had lifted my head i was dizzier than my lil dizzy doggie and just lied back on the floor knowing all to well that the evening was going to be a wash...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on me...

there is a small blessing to it all...i got to wake up at 2:30am just to cuddles and watch Ghostie sleep...


okies...soz now i'm feeling a bit better


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