Saturday, October 25, 2003


i thinks Ghostie is gonna go bonkers when it comes to ordering stuffs from the local restaurants...alls i remember is when he just sat shaking his head at our waitress yesturday morning saying something to the effect of "please pleassse pleasssssse ohhh gawds no more"

~*falls in a fit of giggles*~

he's reallly not used to having to dictate what types of bread or cheese or toppings....etc etc etc... (it reallly is quite funny)

Dollywood was awesomes too...not as much fun as Memphis but stilllllllllllll...we road on the Tennessee Tornado twice and once was right after we had dinner to which i was a bit nervous because i like roller coasters but this one has 3 loops to it and my tummy just nottttttttt that co-operative with stuff like that....

i told Ghostie i was a bit nervous about going on the tornado right after dinner and he says no worries, if you lose it we can catch it again on the way down....ickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! (thanks gawdssssss i not lost it)

scooby was hilarious on Blazing Fury...she hatessssss roller coasters, annnnnnnd she's scared of the dark getting her to join us on a ride i knewwwwww she would enjoy was not exactly an easy lil task...she knew there was going to be a drop, and we triedddddd to tell her it was a lil drop and nothing too terribly bad...but she cried alllll through the ride "mommie i scared...mommie it's dark...mommie i wanna go home"

i held her really tight and promise her that she gonna be okies and it not like she thinks... even though she was insistant she was wanting off the ride (and would prolly have jumped if it not for the fact it was very dark in there and shes reallllllllly frightened of the dark)

after we went through the drops though the man sitting in the seat behind us roared with laughter as scooby looked up and said "can we do that again mommie?!"

yepperzzzz...i knewww she would loves it...

we got soaked to the core on several of the other which i said something to the effect of the fact i was in puddles but not in a nice way...

~*blushes and not saying nothing else abouts that!*~


i gots a new stuffie...a pink piggie with no names...Ghostie says to names it Puggy buts i thinkkkkkkkks he was jesting...i says i'd name it p.p. for pink puggy buts then it sounds realllly nassssssy so.....

no ideas and no names *pouts a bits*

anyhows, that about alls i got time to write for today...have a tourney to run in just a bits and then we going off to see about that flea market near work


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