Thursday, October 02, 2003


traveling form Manchester straight into Tennessee isnt cheap...i think it was something like $533.00 round trip to travel to Atlanta...nowwwwww its $639.00, and if we could do it, $974.00 gets a trip straight into Knoxville... which is loadssssss closer to me, but thats still almost double the cost of the original trip to Atlanta...if i think about cost of travel it might actually be cheaper in the long run...but we'll see

right now i'm trying to figure if it's cost effective and i'm at the point of thinking that it is...round trip driving to Atlanta from here would probably cost about $100-150 each trip, andddd i'd have to make two trips in...if by chance we ended up in snow thats a whole other issue as well, and truth being said we haddddd planned on a trip to Knoxville thats another added travel expense we can practically knock out if we go through Knoxville in the first place

~*giggles n grinzzzzzz...i cann work this to my advantage if i think hard enough about it eh?*~

i'm stillllll searching...who knows, maybe eventually i'll get lucky again...maybe!


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