Friday, September 12, 2003

~*USA to UK*~

welps at this point all i'm doing is waiting for momma or daddy to get home from their own lil destinations of the day soz i can ask them one big big biggg favor...HELP!!!

i found a realllllly great price on a round trip tickie to Manchester leaving out Monday...wont actually arrive in Manchester till early morning Tuesday but have arrangements already in place for a friend of ours to picks me up...not wanting Ghostie to have to travel too far from home though i know he would if i dared to share the itenerary...soz i wont!

i'm hopeful that since Ghostie has yet to have met this friend of ours in person that it might help to put a bit of a smile on his face, though in all honesty, nothing had ever put much of a smile on my face when my grandmama was in the hospital during her last days...

and now too...i keep thinking about that email i recieved last night...

call me odd, but i cant help but think mayyyyyybe it was some sort of way grandmama was letting me know that i hadddddddd to do this...i hadddd to try and get to Ghostie because he would need me there...

and dommits thats just what i intend to do!


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