Wednesday, September 17, 2003

~*United (more like devided)*~

the other day i went to the bank to cash a check from the man who owns the "mini-dump" identification (aka my drivers license) was not acceptable

~*scraping jaw up off the floor*~

Granted, this was not my bank, but it wasssss the bank for which the check had been drawn off of, and i've never had any trouble at all with my drivers license being used as acceptable identification at the "other" bank for whick i use to cash my payroll checks...not to mention that i use the same identification to cash my lilones disability check as well...which is a United States Treasury check...certainlyyyyyyy not drawn off of any bank in this glorious lil state we call Tennessee...sooooooo all i can thinks is "what the H-E-double hockey sticks is the problem here?"

i take a seat in the cute lil chairs in front of the bank managers office and wait for him to return from whatever task he's been handling...he walks up to one confuseddddddd lil girlie, i ask him if he has a moment to which he invites me into his office and i explain my lil problem...i thinkkkk he was in shock with it all toooo, but then i get even a lil more shock out of the whole thing when he tells me he needs to speak with the teller manager as he has no idea of their policies "it's not his department" (hows that for passing the buck eh?)

Bank Manager steps to the photo copier after a bit of time, copies off a piece of paper and then returns to me...

"The following may be accepted as valid identification"

*drivers license issued by Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, or Virginia"


*Military or dependant photo identification

*Well known company photo identification

*State of Tennessee or Mississippi Photo Identification

alls i can say i goooooood think i had a passport...


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