Friday, September 12, 2003

~*uhttt ohhhhhh*~

woke up this morning very sure of one thing... a skunk has decided to visit !ickkkkkk

~*seriously in need of clothespins (and mater juice) now*~

will have to leave todays chores up to the lilones ...sooooo nottttttttttt good. can't be helped though...appears i've stretched myself a lil tooo thin on the bazillion lil things i need to be tending to in all of what is now 18 days until Ghosties arrival


at least nowwwww the truck is ready for the road...buttttt...

1. need to redo this loverly (not) hair coloring
2. give the truck a good cleaning
3. get cell phone taken care of
4. get the shopping out of the way~and remember 500 teabags notttt enough!
5. have dr visits for smudge still needed to tend to
6. oooohhhhh and that nassssy lil thing called case management
7. need to schedual a visit with smudge n scooby's teachers tooooo
8. stillll need to finish packing that bag up for Memphis
9. dayummmmmmm...still need that haircut toooooooooo
10. have at least 20 phone calls i keep forgetting to tend too...
(one of which is imporrrrtant...that $5000.00 phone bill!!!)
11. and where the H-E-double hockey sticks do i go to get propane for the winter???!!!
12. whattttttt did the girls say about that home economics project being due whennnnnn?
13. what posessed me to say that i would take on that cleaning job for the lot behind me?!!!
14. and i stillllllll need to sort the mess of clothes in the girls room toooo

(no, i'm not stressing...muchhhhhhhh)

will not be running tournies from here time for sleep if i do


i'm sooooo not good at schedualing my time



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