Thursday, September 04, 2003

~*Thursday Thumb Twiddler*~

Thort-week Thursday

1. If you emigrated to, let's say, Spain, with the intent of staying there, how long do you think it would be before you started speaking Spanish in the home?
maybe its because i grew up in a town less than 2 hours away from the Californian/Mexican borders, maybe it's because i became thoroughtly frustrated trying to understand the bazillion cat calls i use to recieve from the hundreds of illegals that would be working in the orchards as i would walk down the road towards the school every day, and then again, maybe its just because i am so fed up with filling out forms for my own children asking what the "primary" language spoken in the home is...but for fucks sake, if your going to move to another country for any length of time then you should bloody well know the language of the country your moving to BEFORE you move there

~*simply rolls her eyes on this one*~

2. If you were magically named President of the country, under what circumstances would you consider it acceptible to lie to the public?
"I'm not having sex with that woman"


of course not...and why lie??? your going to be caught, your going to be ousted, and your going to suffer it all in the end...lying might prolong the inevitable from happening, but the inevitable is going to happen in the end anyways now isn't it?

3. If you were completely deaf, except for one hour a week, what would you want to hear during that hour?
the voices of my family


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