Monday, September 08, 2003

~*thoughts far away*~

i spent the afternoon thinking about things back in the UK, longing to be there, wishing i could be of some sort of help, and feeling all the more ashamed for my feelings of selfishness towards protecting "me" versus "we"

i thinks it's time for some "get a grip action"...

on the plus sides of things...Punch's son in law came in to work today...his mother and my smudge share the same illness, and Punch n i often talk of how much better it would be for smudge in the long run if she could get out of the States and in the UK...Punch would know of course...seeing as how it is that her son and laws mother lives in the UK...i believe he had said it was in a place called Bath or Bass...really couldn't tell for his accent...which is a twisted up combustion of Brit and Southern any rate its about 30 minutes out of Bristol (UK)...i made promise that tomarrow i would go into work with Galahads road atlas in hand, and see just how far away it is from my beloved Ghostie...

Pinky was first to figure out my other site addy, which i had intended to post a link to, just hadn't quiteeeeee gotten there yet...i have yettttt to figure out her's, but as for anyone else trying to figure out mine...its a published link now, just click the lil subbie note and viola, there it be...

ohh yeah, and if anyone out there knows Pinky's other addy, could ya pass me a lil note or something...i'm clueless in spite of the clues!!!


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