Thursday, September 04, 2003

~*somewhere between a purrrrrumbles and a uht-ohhhhs*~

work was ickkkkk yesturday with one exception ~ the BIG bossman seems to trust lil ole me to his bubble gum machine and the candy aisle ~*giggles*~ is that a mistake or whattttt???

rumor has it the bossman has been promoted and lil miss assistant is taking over now...worse is who the new asst will be...daddy says he quitting, Judy say she be quitting toooo, and i just kinda tryyyyyying to stick it out just a fewwwwww more weeks...least till Ghostie has come and all...

been thinking alot on what types of work to do next...if i cant make more than minimum wage and i can only work part time...welps...i think next time i will search out:

home improvement centers...cause i can use the discounts!
gardening centers...soz i can perk up my own backyard
ohh and those cute lil "holiday" centers too... i'm gonna need a new without birds n cookie cut outs...

purrrumbled loads when i finally gots to talk with Ghostie last night, have to admit i've been really worried about things back home and i wish more and more that i could have gone back to the UK this go round...


Ghostie says if it works between us he plans to knock down all these "barriers" with a sledge hammer... and as hard as it was for me to have to admit, i had said to Ghostie that i doubted very much i would believe in any promises made to me by him, especially now... thankfully he had understood... after all, i've been made all these promises before now haven't i??? (ever wish you could erase your past???)


spent a lil time coloring last night...
and not in my coloring books!
~*giggles n winks*~

not exactly sure how to describe how it all turned hair looks uhmmmmm...different...deep dark brown, almost a black copper (???) until in the direct light...then it shines of all sorts of red hues... i dunno's...the coloring kit says it's plum...but its notttttt purples!


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