Tuesday, September 30, 2003

~*smudge and work...oyyyyy!*~

strange day...

took smudge into work with me this morning...


thought it would be interesting and ah well, always have been a glutten for punishment...

truth is she did pretty dommed well with it all...in fact i think she may have even learned something...around here i often get to here "but i did *insert chore here* last time" or "it's her turn to do *insert chore here*...not occasionally...daily...it's a ritual i think...not one to my liking and certainly not one for which i have shared any interest in continuing onward with...

at any rate tonioght when the lil ritual began to unfold once more i simply made a lil comment as to what would happen if i was to say something like that at work and smudge was quickkkkkkkkkk on thr ready when she looked to scooby and said "mom does evvvvvvvverything"

i said no i don't do evvvvvverything, but i was hired to only do ONE thing, and as smudge noted today i do far more than the job for which i was hired....learning experience of the day was something to the effect of we each do our part and we do it silently and without a load of bickering, if Punch needs a hand, Judy n i help, if Judy needs a hand, Punch n i help, and if mommy needs a hand i know where i can turn to...and i asked smudge if she heard any of us screaming about who did what...yadda yadda yaddda...nopes

thats what growing up is all about...least...thats what i told them anyhow

(far be it for me to show my true self kicking and screaming about the fact i was doing the 2nd and 3rd shifts duties knowing full well they sit on their derriers eating bon bons and gossiping with the locals while the polish up manicures and......welps, never mind all that)


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