Friday, September 26, 2003

~*Remembering to Breathe*~

Okies, soz i've got 4 more days of waiting until Ghostie arrives and loadddddddds to do yet in preparation for his visit...i'm such a procrastinator! (probably a good thing though that there still so much to be done or this could be one verrrrrrrrry long lil weekend.)

At any rate i'll get the truck cleaned today...welps i say i'll get it cleaned up, but all i really intend to do is a wash and a lil armor all...and if i can find it, then i'm thinking it might be a good idea to put a lil rain-x on the windows justtttttt in case i hit bad weather during the trip to Atlanta...other than that, i'll check the fluids and the air in the tires, fill the tank, and call it good...

later this evening i'll get to talks with Ghostie and we'll try to settle up some of the last minute details of the trip...i'll be mapping out my course this evening for our return trip home, and more importantly, i'll be searching for a nice lil place to go for a bit to eat where he can call home as soon as we meet up...that's important... so thats the plan for the day

~*wiggles n wriggles n yeahhhh, i'm starting to gets exciterated all overs again*~


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