Friday, September 19, 2003

~*Reason to sigh*~

Ghosties momma is doing poorly
Ghosties dad is starting to deteriorate as well
Ghostie is in serious need of some rest and down time, and i wish he wasn't so dayumed much a proud man soz he would do as much as to take that rest
Bossman makes insinuations about me in front of the local customers & small town talk travels faster than the speed of light
Smudge didn't make Dr Appt due to fact Dr made schedual screw up...just when smudge needs Dr most
Daddy takes off on 4 day painting spree during a time he really should have been home
"M" knows he wont pass the drug test and rather than get a grip he instead tries to go with the flow of bodily harm
Momma finds a bowl in "A's" now it looks as if all three boys are off to camp..."A's" only salvation will be a clear screen on the surprize drug test momma has schedualed for him... sheeseee almighty, hes the same age as smudge!
Miss Kitty was hit by a car...smudge is heartbroken...Miss Kitty wasn't even ourrrrrrs
Bossman wants to change schedual around to nine hour shifts rather than 4...soz now i won't be home when needed most...notttt a good thing
all the bills this month are doubled do to move anddddd
the new place is almost ready, but with anotherrr month of double bills to contend with... i'm not!


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