Sunday, September 21, 2003

~*Places purrrrplease*~

i realllllllly don't like the idea of being away from home for any length of time while the lilones are out of school...and today is a goooood example of why


i knew scooby had a lose tooth, but i wasn't paying close enough attention to it i suppose... today while i went of to work leaving the lilones home alone without too much worry because i knew that for most of my time away they would be in church with momma and dadddy...but stillllll... scooby came home from church and decided it was time for the annoying lil tooth to come out...

bless her brave lil heart...she pulled it out...and passed out too! which caused alarm in smudge who took off to call mom...but never got through! ...and it might not have been all that bad i suppose iffff it wasn't for the fact that scooby continuedddddd to pass out...

i'm not such a happy lil camper about this one and will certainly be bringing it up at the next meeting...which is schedualed for monday...which noooooooobody had informed lil ole me about until of joys and tyvm Bossman...

so much for going into 2 day shifts of 9 hours a day...wonnnnnnnt be happening...ifffff i have to lose my job due to the fact i have to be home when the lilones arrive sobeit

on the bright side...had a loverly lil chat with Ghostie this much so that i was a bit scared to walk into work for the crimson coloring that had warmed my flesh based upon the last words he had spoken to me...oyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

thinks i need to make a mental note nottttt to calls Ghostie just before walking into work eh?


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