Tuesday, September 16, 2003

~*Peppermints... and other sweeties*~

There was something really special about last nights conversations with Ghostie, maybe it was the reassurances that he would be here soon, maybe it was knowing that the possibility loomed for the entire family to all be here sooner than had been thought or anticipated, and maybe it was the fact that daddy's lil girl had come to me for the first time *just because*

her tummy was acting up, i'm certain a part of it might very well have been the (iccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk) loverly fast food diet they had splurged on after their visit to see mom, i'm just as certain that part of it had been the actual visit to see mom as well...it had been an emotional one after all, but one too i am certain was needed by all...

she looks so much like her daddy, and her body language is sooooooo much like that of my smudge... and bless her heart, last night she came to me asking for help as her tummy was bothering her so...

sozzzzz, daddy went to get her some peppermints, and i told a lil tail of my childhood experiences with one of the not so wonderfulistical fast food restaurants that had ventured off to... she had thought it funny, and it wasn't too much later it seems before she had felt comfy enough to leave daddys lap and venture on up to bed... and i'm not sure exactly of how Ghostie had felt, but i couldn't have been happier to have had a few moments to get to know her just that much better... i was smiling from ear to ear...


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