Saturday, September 06, 2003

~*nite nite lil world*~

way past time for sleep considering i have work in the morning (which is a very goooood think, cause even though bossman a pain in the arse at least he's letting me off end of the month for Ghosties visit and i won suffer toooo terrible much with missing days for all the extra hours im pulling now...i hopes)

anyhows, hadddddd to stay part becauses i managed to make a new lil footy blog and also becauses i had the 11pm tourney to cover for toooooo... and next weeks tourney schedual is scawreyyyyyyyyyyy... i thinks i got a plateful this time...

i likes the footy blog though way way wayyyyyy lots...think i might do something similiar for a few other lil topics i touch on here and there...kinda likes an archives for the archives i guesses...

anyhowssss...time for Ghosties baby girl to curl up with her blankie and pillow (and dizzy doggie tooooo!) and dreams loads of yummyfrickenlicious lil dreams before waking ups in the morning annnnddddd..

~*wiggles n wriggles n oooyyyyyyyyyyyy*~

gets to talks with my wunderfulistical Ghostie


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