Thursday, September 11, 2003

~*My Grandmama*~

i recieved an email today... when i looked at what the topic was i beamed....and when i looked at who the sender was i fumed...

i wasn't going to open it because i could never for the life of me belive that someone could play upon me such a cruel joke...for you see, the topic was pertaining to my grandmama, and the "sender" was ...well it was sent in grandmama's name...

~*i cried*~

after a few deep breathes i opened the email...

I kept a doll for (my sis) and you when we sold all her
dolls. If you would like to have the one I kept for
you let me know where to send it. Also, if you want
the family information that goes back several
generations. You can e-mail at (email) or
write. I still live at the same place: (address)

(Real Name of family member)

i'm not sure if i want to toss cookies or embrace the fact that theres still a piece of history and my childhood resting in the hands of this(ahem) person (ahem)

actually i think i might toss cookies...

i could expect someone like my maternal incubator to have sick and sad guestures of trying to portray herself as my Grandmama... but i never would have expected anyone else to have done so



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