Friday, September 05, 2003

~*lil stresses*~

it's not been the best week with so much happening both here and back home with Ghostie but hopefully today will mark an end to some of the lil stresses that have been worrying me bunches as of late... i knows one thing, i'm not going to sit around here on the comp and fuss over it i'm going to simply DO something about it (dommits!)

actually i started doing something abouts "it" last night... icq is now working properly soz i can gets hold of those (sissie & MJ) i have been missing lots as of late, and even msn is now functioning too... yeahhhhhhhhh!

thats it for my computer genious however cause now its time to get down to the real nitty gritty... today i will spend the afternoon running from one utility company to the next trying to find out how much i owe each of them since i never recieved any bills for the month and yet i knowwwwww they are do ~*grrrrrrr*~

okies soz i just told a tale...i still have work to do on the computer as the truth is i stilllllllllll don't know my way around the area and soz i'm going to need the help of MapQuest to find my way...(dommits n more dommits)

the lilones finnnnnnnnally sorted some of thier outfits they can no longer wear soz i have that much less to worry about in the way of "sorting" today but i still have loads of laundry and sorting to work out soz that will be another fine n dandy lil task for the evening...followed by a trip to the Goodwill for distributions in the morning (on my way to the wally martins for a lil work on the truck...yeahhhhh!)

still frustrated a bit about this new hair color...lilones love it, i'm a bit put off with it... and bossman is teasing the bejeepers outta me...buttttttt there are a few lil plusses i cutomers at work seem to be liking it as i was asked out a few more times than usual yesturday afternoon...oyyyyyyyyy!

(so long as HEEEEEE doesn't ask i'll be fine...HE being the #2 guy bossman is always making comment about...if HE asked me out i'd nevvvvvvver hear the end of it....yeah right bossman...HE and i get on so good... thats why i don't even know the mans name...ppppffffffffftttt)


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