Wednesday, September 17, 2003

~*in email this afternoon...*~

Ghostie had written to me twice this afternoon while i was away at work (which is another story for later...but to say now i may not be returning to work!)

anyhow, Ghostie had known i was worried, maybe he had read it here though i had begged him not to read my journal during this time as i had not wanted or wished for him to relive painful memories and we both know i tend to write whatever it is comes to heart...

at any rate he had written to me this afternoon one thing i knows i have to remember...

"I know you will worry hun but please keep your mind on what you are doing hun, please I need to know you will do that for me angel"

soz i guess it's safe to say that kim is off to tend to the work waiting for her in the mini least for a bit...Ghostie has said he should be online this evening if possible soz i will definiately be on a bit later, waiting, hoping, and longing to be with him...


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