Wednesday, September 24, 2003

~*Getting Readied*~

Had to do a bit of no thats wroong...had to do more laundry than i even realized i owned!...butttttt, the blankies and the comfies all needed a good washing soooooozzzzzzzz... (i'm scared to looks at grandmama's comfie...after it came out the wash it looked like something outta the paper shredder from work...bigggg oyyyyyyyyyy!)

anyhows, on the plus side of things...managed to get that final payment from the owner of the "mini-dump" soz i took off for a lil bit of shopping to boot... cheapo camera for the trip to picks up Ghostie from the airport, and oooooodles and oooooodles of choccies, cookies, oooooh...and just for the sake of being in "first dibs" space...pop tarts toooooo

~*knowsssss thats just bad bad badddddddd*~

now that its getting close to time for Ghosties arrival the lilones are getting a bit anxious...smudge was trying to make some sort of a team effort with Ghostie last night to eat allllll the choccies in the house before i'm allowed a single crunchie... and scooby is too busy trying to figure outs what she wants to do first of all lil things we have planned...i thinks they kinda want him around a bit longer than two weeks (me tooooo buts thats a given now isn't it?) anyhows...if the lilones had it their way we would have things to do every weekend for the next 2 years at minimum! (and how was i to knows my lil fishies would want to do something as daring as white water rafting?!...or worse...rock climbing!!!)


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