Friday, September 19, 2003


finally got that hair cut i've been putting off for uhmmmmm...well, won't go into howwwww long...least now it's done and over with. can't help it, for me going in for a hair cut is about as bad as going to the just knowwwww your going to hate the outcome even if it isss good for ya...

luckily Punch had given me the suggestion of going to her stylist, i've always liked the way Punch had her hair done, though that didn't stop me from arriving to my appointment an hour and a half early just to see how well the stylist did with other peoples heads...hmmm... no complaints...

truth is though it feeeeeeeels like i've lost about 3 inches i know i really only lost about an inch, maybe even less...andddd at least now i can style it again, soz i guess i came out a winner... yeah for me!

missed Ghostie though for having gone on my lil jaunt to the salon


we don't get much time together online anymore and that part bothers me some i guess, i know it shouldn't because number one is i know where he is, and number two is that i know why he has to be there, but i miss spending time with him...alottttt...


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